Will Emphasising App Security Lead to More App Installs?

The app industry is incredibly competitive. There are millions of apps available today, with many more being released all of the time. As a developer, making a fantastic app is one thing; ensuring it gets lots of downloads is another.

There are a number of ways in which developers can boost their app’s download numbers. Some choose to buy app installs; others focus on implementing an effective marketing strategy. One important factor that is crucial for boosting download numbers is app security. Let’s find out more.

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What are the Threats?

Our modern lives are increasingly dependent on mobile apps. We use them for everything from socialising to financial management, and as a result, apps often hold personal and sensitive information about users. Cybercriminals are well aware of this and have devised various methods to compromise the security of apps and access this data.

Mobile apps functions are executed by a server hosted by the developer. These servers are often a target for cybercriminals, who can exploit weaknesses in the code or structure to access sensitive information. Poor data handling and storage is another way in which user information can be targeted, with mistakes of this kind often coming with serious legal and regulatory ramifications for the developer. How can developers protect their apps and users against threats posed by scammers and hackers? Find out below.

How are Apps Secured?

Protecting the server is a fundamental part of proper app security. The server code should be regularly reviewed and maintained by a dedicated team, allowing for the rapid identification of emerging issues that can be addressed before they develop any further.

All user data must be properly stored and encrypted, and all regulatory rules regarding data storage practices must be strictly adhered to. Writing data to a device’s internal storage can be an effective way of protecting it from external threats.

Your overall security strategy must be regularly reviewed and updated. Cybercriminals are constantly finding new ways to target apps, so you need to be prepared to overhaul your security systems to adapt to new threats.

Why is Security Important?

Why is app security so important? Your users will often divulge incredibly sensitive information when using your app, including things like contact details and financial information. If they feel like their data is not safe and that they could be at risk of identity theft or fraud, they are far less likely to download and use your app. What’s more, unsafe apps can result in bad reviews, which will push your app down the app store charts and seriously impact download figures.


Emphasising your app’s security will almost certainly lead to more installs. Safety is a top priority for many app users. They will not want to use any app that they feel could pose a potential security risk. Make security the number one priority in the development process and watch installs increase and your app rise in the charts. 

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